Blind Chats

Comfortable random text chat for dating, sex, romance and perhaps even friendship.

Blind Chats, an online blind date

Chat randomly with someone you may like

Connect to the chatbot, it will take care of your online adventures. Tell it if you are a man or a woman and if you like women or men, it will look for the right match and introduce you to each other.
If you don't like your random chat partner, just write NEXT. And try another one.

This stuff is provided for free by the Rossonerd co-op!

You just have to add

You don't blind-chat from this website. You do that through Google Talk.
Just add or write your address here: and click this .


Your personal information will not be disclosed to your chat partner. All conversation occurs with our chatbot acting as a mediator. Nobody can find out who you really are - but if you like and trust each other you can always trade e-mail addresses! It's up to you.


First, this service is for 18+ year olds only. Second, we want this to be the perfect chat service for smart women who want to have fun. Spammers and annoying people are not welcome here; they will be discarded very often by their chat partners and the system will not provide them with new conversation opportunities.


Don't have to register, don't have to visit this website anymore, don't have to spend hours roaming through public chatrooms looking for some interesting guys or ladies to chat privately with. The chatbot hunts the One for you, while you do something else - including working.